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Benchwarmers Volunteer Opportunities

The Hudson Benchwarmers club provides financial, organizational, educational and moral support for the Hudson High School Football program.  The Benchwarmers is an all volunteer 501(c)(3) organization comprised of six board members and many parent volunteers.

We are asking you to support Raider Football by getting involved with the Hudson Benchwarmers club for the upcoming football season. It is our hope that every family with a stake in Hudson football sees it as an integral part of our community and will support the Benchwarmers Club.

Friday night under the lights is a family and community event that brings Hudson together and Hudson football plays a significant role in developing young men of character. We hope that you will come and get involved as we continue this journey and make our dreams for this football program a reality.  The Benchwarmers Club is the parent group for Hudson High School Raider Football. All parents of HHS football players are members.  Our goal is to make our football players’ high school experience as memorable and successful as possible.

What have we done in the past?

  • Equipment for the team, spaghetti dinners, funding for additional assistant coaches
  • Subsidized fan bus, player game day food
  • Game day programs, end of year banquet, senior player yearbooks
  • Scholarships, and many, many more activities

This is all accomplished through fundraising and volunteering.  We need each of you to do a little bit for the club to accomplish a lot!

Concessions Signup

Freshman families are asked to help support concessions for all Varsity home games, but everyone's help is appreciated.  Please sign up here: <2020 link tbd>

Thank you for volunteering to help feed our boys!  Due to the generosity of Agave, the spaghetti, meatballs and bread sticks will be prepared in advance.  Therefore, we only need to provide milk and desserts! Freshmen are invited to every dinner they are available.  This is for all team members.  Please choose from the list below. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Desserts: Yes! 4 dozen desserts per sign up.  These boys love their sweets!  They will eat everything - cookies, Rice Krispies treats, Special K bars, etc.

Chocolate Milk: 24 gallons of milk is what we need each Thursday which means each person brings 4 gallons.  Wow! That's a lot milk.  But those boys love it and drink it up!

White Milk: Only 2 gallons needed…the coaches drink it!

Set-up, Serve & Clean Up: Come see the boys eat!  Please arrive at 4:15 pm and plan to be done by 6:00 pm.  You will help set up tables, serve food, and clean up.

Food Pick up:  Stop by Agave at 4:15 pm to pick up the food. There will be 2 or 3 very large warming containers with the food in them. A large vehicle will be needed to transport the food (mini van with the 2 passenger seats gone, truck, full size van, etc.).  In addition, bring a plastic table cloth or tarp to put under the containers as they leak. 

Location: Hudson High School cafeteria.  The only doors guaranteed to be unlocked are the main doors, but try the back door.  We try to make sure it is open or that someone is there to open it.